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......@@ -18,6 +18,27 @@ An array of interfaces, where each interface has the following options:
Or a single float-value where this value is the ratelimit in bit/s, or a ```in``` value and/or ```out``` value, to differentiate between incoming and outgoing ratelimits. Optionally a unit can be added (KMG).
- slaves:
An array with interfaces you want to bond into this interface.
- Optional type:
The type of the interface:
- default
- bond
- slave
- vlan
- loopback
- For bond interfaces, set the following options:
- mode, the bond-mode you want to use. See (this documentation)[] for more information.
- balance-rr
- active-backup
- balance-xor
- broadcast
- 802.3ad
- balance-tlb
- balance-alb
- miimon:
The MII link monitoring frequency in milliseconds, defaults to ```100```
- lacp_rate:
Only valid if mode is ```802.3ad```. Can be ```slow``` or ```fast```.
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